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Benefit cap?

20 Jul

I am writing to express my astonishment with the discovery of how much you can actually get on benefits, with the new benefit cap bringing this to light. Understanding the tax system tends to be quite complicated for the average individual so I apologise if I have misunderstood.

I agree and appreciate the need for a benefit cap and commend the government on implementing this concept, however was amazed to discover that people can receive up to £26,000 per annum on benefits and that prior to this cap they were entitled to even more.  After years of studies incurring debt and several jobs that did not require professional qualifications, I have finally been given the opportunity to take a step towards beginning my career with what I believe to be good starting salary. That however is my annual salary prior to paying for the several taxes I am required to pay, national insurance as well as paying back my student loan; therefore in reality my income will be significantly lower than the benefit cap and not that much more than the cap for individuals.  In consideration of the points stated I had still perceived that amount to be a good starting salary for someone with professional qualifications. Having been brought up on a council estate with a single mother on benefits and wanting a better life for myself, to now discover that if I had not studied, not incurred debt, not worked and simply lived on benefits, I could of received a similar if not higher amount than I will be on.

Considering that an individual on benefits does not need to pay tax or pays a significantly decreased amount on tax, someone on benefits can take home a better income than many with professional occupations.  I can imagine it is also quite disheartening to those who make the effort to work on minimum wage and low income jobs, to realise they would be better off financially if they had been on benefits. With this knowledge it is to no surprise that many people qualified and unqualified then choose to live on benefits.

I  had thought that perhaps there may be additional costs due to various illnesses for an individual on benefits that I may not be aware of, or considering larger family homes, which is why this figure has been decided upon, which I discovered was not the case.  I personally would be quite happy on £350- £500 a week for living at my own leisure. Does this not encourage people to receive long term benefits and discourage a need to seek employment?

If the maximum amount of benefits an individual can receive is of £26,000 per annum, I struggle to comprehend why anyone on a salary up to this figure is required to be taxed, technically paying for others to be on a higher income than themselves. Again if there is a misunderstanding based on my lack of comprehension I am happy for someone to correct me and help me understand.

A shitty place to be a woman

7 Jul

Where you may ask. The world. The world, planet earth, every damn corner of the bloody well world is a bit a of a shitty place for a woman. You might look at the rights a woman has in India and the rights a woman has in the UK and think its incomparable, but I don’t mean rights, I mean sexually, sexuality, sexual harassment, being a piece of meat, an object, a weaker species at risk of attack from dog like men, no in fact that would be an insult to dogs.

Now I’m not going to go on a feminism hype, and bash and hate men, well a little. Its just really aggravating. It genuinely seems like there is no solution for a woman to be safe. I may be exaggerating, I may be speaking irrationally based on some things I keep seeing but I will have my rant anyway.

The world is a shitty place to be a woman. Seriously what is the solution, consider the recommendations from many different cultures and no ones really got it right. Not even the socially forward society of the west, because there is enough sexual harassment cases and rapes reported everyday.
It seems if you’re alone you’re at risk, so maybe avoid being out on your own you may say? Well I just read an article about women getting attacked in crowds with men conjuring some sick team work methods to do so, so If you’re in a crowd you’re at risk. If you’re with friends you’re at risk, so hey maybe its because its women you are with and a potential attacker still deems them as weak, so how about if you make sure your escorted with a male. Wait there are plenty examples of women being with males who then get beaten up and she still gets attacked, so if you are with a man you’re still at risk. Maybe the risk is from dressing provocatively, too revealing perhaps, attracting the wrong attention and giving the wrong impression, so cover up right? Well when there are YouTube video’s going viral of modestly dressed women being stripped in the streets of India and women covered head to toe stripped and beaten up in Egypt… so if your covered head to bloody toe you’re at risk. If you’re abroad you are at risk, if you are in a CCTV society you’re still at risk, hey maybe stay at home and don’t go out you might be safe, No! If you’re in your own house you’re at flipping risk. Dear God! Point me in the direction of nearest bridge, might as well flipping jump off. Why I have not bought two Rottweiler’s to walk with me at all times yet, I do not know. Maybe documentaries and watching Crime Watch is making me take a small sample of attacks and see it as a bigger issue than it is. But its a problem, women may be given the freedom of a man, but she still remains at risk from the sick men that perceive her as nothing more than a sex object, a tool to be made use of.

Ok, I may have watched and read far too many things relating to the bad treatment of women; the gang rapes in India, public humiliation in the Middle East, soldiers raping civilians in Afghanistan, kidnapping and locking women in the basement in America, grooming gangs in the UK to name a few. I know that all men aren’t horrendously immoral monsters, but there are too many that are, it just frustrates me. There are too many men that are cowards, many cultures deem men as “protectors” because they have biologically been given more strength (apologies to any of my iron pumping, martial arting, strong ladies out there who can hold their own), where is the protection? Why are these things going on in the streets, not just sexual harassment, harassment in general, I’ve read and seen so many instances of women being heckled in public, whether its because she is attractive or pulling off a woman’s headscarf as a hate crime. Are you telling me there are no passer’s by that can say something, hey macho men, where is your voice now?

Like I said I’m not a feminist I believe men and women are equal but we are different, I will not sit here and say I can do whatever a man can do because I can’t, and the same applies the other way . There is a lot that we can both do equivalently but there are also qualities that we don’t have that we should appreciate in each other. On the opposite side of the spectrum I’m not claiming to be a damsel in distress that needs to lean on a man to exist. We all play our roles.

I’m just sick of women being abused based on their weakness, where is the empathy and morality? I know its a really negative way to think and I don’t get raped every time I walk down the road, but why should any body have to experience that, why isn’t any other woman’s pain not my pain, after all it could have been me. I hate seeing and hearing what women have to go through all over the world, it makes me feel completely helpless, because not only can I not help them, but could I even do anything to prevent it from happening to me? Could I even do anything to stop it happening to me? Take up mixed martial arts and walk around with a beastly dog maybe. Hmm…