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What have you done in your 25 years?

10 Jan

I recently turned 25 and entered my quarter life crisis. I may have entered my quarter life crisis a little early, with my many doubts pertaining to my lifestyle, morality, personal views and choices. It has felt like a very unsteady stage in my life, at a time when I would have thought I would have more things decided and secured, particularly in my mind. That wasn’t the case. That anxiety clouded my mind and made me ask the common questions; “What have you done in your 25 years?”, “Where is your life going?”.

I’m not quite sure where its going, perhaps not knowing everything that is going to happen is part of the mystery of the future, but that question influenced the making of my Quarter Life Crisis page. Life so far has taught me, that you really can’t be sure how things will turn out next, and there’s only so much that you can plan for, and I’ll accept that as discovery I’ll come to know.

Further influenced by my Quarter Life Crisis page, is this post. I refuse to let my negativity and this period of uncertainty get to me and make me feel like I haven’t achieved or experienced anything worthy of mention. Therefore this post is to remind myself and answer my question “What have you done in your 25 years?”.

25 things in 25 years just to name a few…
(In no particular order)
1. Passed my driving test, first time.
2. Graduated my undergraduate degree.
3. Passed my post-graduate degree.
4. Skydived.
5. Trekked Snowdon.
6. Scuba dived.
7. Parasailed.
8. Jet skied.
9. Went horse riding.
10. Experienced another religion.
11. Got my first car.
12. Got the job to start my career.
13. Watched the sunrise in Cyprus
14. Went skiing in Italy.
15. Splashed away in a boat by Cascades d’Ouzoud.
16. Got first aid certified.
17. Volunteered and fundraised for charities.
18. Attended several protests.
19. Voted for the first time.
20. Taught myself to cook (to my own taste lol).
21. Joined a gym and stayed consistent with it.
22. Paddled across Lake Como.
23. Bared the pain of watching a loved one die.
24. Let go of my anger over my childhood.
25. Experienced living in another city for 3 years.