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Child’s future foretold…

28 Mar

We’ve all seen that child, the one with domestic problems. That one that’s still playing outside when it has turned dark. The one that teaches your child the swear words in school. The one that has been wearing the same clothes all week, holes in his shoes. The one that can’t afford to buy simple stationary to complete his homework, but Mummy had enough to buy Rizla. The one that is regularly taken out of class to be questioned by social services. Doesn’t concentrate in school, parents have no aspirations for him. He’s only as good as the expectations of him, as good as his parents status. Future drug user on benefits. Future foretold.

How often have people done this, foretold the future of that child based on their circumstances. Put less effort into advising him, less effort pushing him to work harder in school, after all we know what kind of future that child will have, right?


We don’t all turn out to jobless drug users, our parents and broken homes do not define our future. I was one of these children , one of the children on the child protection register at school, pulled out every so often to be questioned by the social services. Couldn’t afford a nail clipper because there is not enough money, so you steal scissors from school so you can cut your nails, but there was enough money to be spent on alcohol, cigarettes and whatever else. I have a job, a decent job, I went to university, completed all required qualifications to get there. Yes, I wasn’t really heading in the right direction as a child or a teenager, in fact it was a fluke that I even decided to go to college, it was only then did my aspirations change. I’m not trying to toot my own horn or seek sympathy, I am glad for every experience because it defined who I am. I am just frustrated with this stereotype being put on children, they are categorised and put in a box, pushed aside with an expectation that they won’t achieve much. I know I’m not the only person that chose a different lifestyle from that which I was brought up in. We all have the possibility to change our future, even as adults, it’s never too late. Yes, our upbringing does play a big role however children are open to many influence’s, they might have a negative influence at home, but you never know the difference you could make just by believing in them. Make suggestions, advise, let them know you care.

Please do not let statistics make you neglect the ability to change that child’s direction in life.

Born temptresses

7 Aug

“Girls are never innocent, they are born knowing, alluring seductresses at any age, asking for it, in one way or another.” Poly Toynbee

Click image for article “Misogyny runs so deep in this society, it is even used against abused children”

This article has disgusted me beyond belief, but yet has not brought anything new to light. Controversial enough when adult women are addressed as nothing more than walking talking temptresses, but to blame a damaged little girl. Whether she had approached the man or not, he was a 42 year old grown man that is aware that she is a child, is he not capable of refusing a sexual advance? Does a sexual advance from a 13 year old girl not ring alarm bells in his head that there is some serious psychological damage to this young girl. The fact that men are not insulted by the fact they are considered as uncontrollable animals as a defence is quite despicable. Which I am pretty sure if they were addressed in such a way on a personal level they would most definitely be offended. So why is the blanket statement for men accepted?

Its not anything new that women who use sex to get attention, are often damaged women who seek some form of love and affection. Children are not born with knowledge they learn from their experiences as most of us do, so if a neglected child has experienced her only form of affection and attention through abuse, it is quite inevitable that she would build this link and perhaps use this method to seek love and affection. I think it is absolutely despicable that anyone would use such obvious psychological damage against her, which will most probably affect her psychological health as well as her future relationships as an adult, to get this scumbag off free. Such Ignorance! Do they even realise?

I would like to think that most adult men are not that weak and would not succumb to paedophilic behaviour if a child happened to make advances to them. Maybe just maybe someone out there can give the poor girl a hug and tell her she doesn’t need to do this, that sex is NOT all her worth is.