The Blog: What’s the theme? Fashion, beauty, politics, religion, food? Nope just a random rambling of what comes into my mind, yea probably as interesting as that sounds. To be honest I just need an outlet. I didn’t have good experiences with diaries as a teenager, so hello internet! Why not express myself on Facebook? Because sometimes there’s things you don’t want to share with people you know, I don’t need people to ask me if I’m ok or what’s going on, nothing, sometimes I just want to chat shit in peace and avoid falling into the attention seeking category. Why not twitter? It will quite quickly become clear that I’m not good at being concise, so 140 characters… yea that won’t work. I’m not artistic enough to express myself in pictures, so that’s all the photographic social networking sites out of the window. YouTube? Well the same with Facebook, I need some anonymity, don’t want the men in white coats coming to cart me off. So, a blog, an online diary I suppose, and people might read it if it happens to take ones fancy.

About Me: After the crud above, who am I? You can call me Charlie Jibbs. I can be located in the UK, London, England to be precise, that’s not an invitation to come find me :P. I’m a 20 something little lady, still trying to find myself. I still feel, think and kind of look like a teenager, believe me I’m not boasting. Sounds great in theory but its kind of irritating when you’re in your mid twenties and you don’t pass for an adult half of the time. I am a massive procrastinator, I have lots to do, so what do I do? Go create a blog. Its funny how my mind was jam packed with things I needed to get out, I create an outlet then nothing. Its a bit like the “so tell me about yourself?” Question at interviews, whoosh mind blank. Shit! Who am I? Well, time will tell.

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