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23 Mar

Holy friggin moly!! I just encountered my first actual magician, illusionist whatever you want to call it and I am scared shitless. Not at a show, not a street act. A middle aged Sikh man approached me in an ASDA car park.

He initiated by making reference to my face, so I assumed he was giving a slightly creepy compliment. It’s not something out of the ordinary in the area where a live. I can’t remember everything he said to me but it started off as him telling me about my character and the positive and negatives about it, making some future predictions etc. That didn’t really phase me, I’ve had a few people including my Thai neighbour who have randomly felt like doing a bit of fortune telling.

Amongst all of the talking and telling me things I should and shouldn’t do in order to get my wishes in life, he did some prediction illusions. One of which he wrote something down on a scrap of paper, scrunched it up and handed it to me to hold. He followed with some other comments then asked me to write down my favourite fruit without saying it out loud. I was debating with strawberry or mango but strawberry was the first to come to mind so I wrote it. He then asked me to write down how many children I want to have. Again I was debating between 3 and 4 and ended up writing 4. He told me to keep the pen, took the notepad and asked me to make a wish, then open the piece of paper. Lo and behold! He had written exactly that. I was a little impressed, but thought strawberry is a popular fruit and maybe 4 is a common number.

He continued to give me spiritual advise based on my choices. He then asked me how old I was, to which I replied 26, all the while worrying that I was giving away too much information and he was probably identify thief compiling data on me. He began scribbling away on another scrap of paper, scrunched it up and handed it to me again to hold. He then said that he had written down my date of birth, he asked me to write it down on his note pad. Considering I thought he was distracting me for some type of fraudulent activity, it was a bit naive for me to write it down. I almost wrote the wrong year and he shook his head do indicate he knew I was writing it wrong. He then asked me to open the piece of scrap paper in my hand, so I did. It was my date of birth. At that moment I was in genuine shock. Out of 365 days in a year, where would he pluck that date out from. I’m looking around myself, at my car thinking “where is this coming from?!”.

I was fairly scared. I kept looking to my bag and around me in case someone was robbing me while I was distracted. I’m paranoid like that, probably watch too much Crime Watch. I was trying to edge away to make a move now. He drew out a spider diagram type sketch and darted random numbers at the end of each leg. He asked me to choose a number and hold his pen, so I did (with my right hand), he then asked me to blow on my left thumb. He took my thumb, pressed it on a blank space on the paper. As I lifted my thumb away there was an identical copy of that number now printed on that blank space. I was baffled! Did I touch the ink? I looked at my thumb, nothing. By this time I was scared shitless. I felt my heartbeat increase. I genuinely didn’t know what to think and still don’t. My father thinks I’m a buffoon and its all tricks, but how?

When I asked, the man responded that its all down to meditation. Is there a simple explanation to this illusions? Has anyone experienced anything similar? I’ll leave you with the phrase he kept repeating “Don’t worry, be happy”.