5 Day Gratitude Challenge

30 Oct

Last month I got nominated for the 5 day gratitude challenge. Ordinarily I probably wouldn’t have taken part but due to unfortunate circumstances I felt it would be good to focus on the things there are to be grateful for.

I guess it’s a good time to get nominated for this 5 day gratitude challenge thing. Let the soppiness begin.

Day 1:

1) I was and am grateful for the years I had with my ladybird (car) and that I was able to drive to wherever my heart had desired with ease.
2) I am grateful for all my experiences in life, because they are the building blocks of my character and make me who am. Even though I may be a bit of a cow.
3) I am grateful for being safe during such circumstances.

Day 2:

1) I am grateful for my health, and I hope that it remains as good as possible for as long as possible.
2) I am grateful for friends that distract me from negative times, whether its driving all the way to the other end of London to pick me up, or bringing me surprise cake when I have a bad day. (Thank you)
3) I am grateful for food! Not just it being readily available but the many different flavours and varieties it comes in across cultures. Drool, man I love tasty foods.

Day 3 of my soppiness:

1) I am grateful for the opportunities to have an education.
2) I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to travel, though there are lots of places I’d still like to go.
3) I am grateful for the relationship I had with my grandparents and the time I had with them. ❤ ❤ ❤ 

 Ok, this is actually becoming a challenge to think of things lol, though there’s probably lots to be grateful for.

Day 4:

1) I am grateful I can eat whatever I like and not have to worry about anything lol. Yes I am grateful for my petiteness. For some reason it seems to bother other people. I cordially invite such individuals to come watch me stuff my face with cake that you can’t have because of your diet biatch!!! 
2) I am grateful that I have been free to make my own choices in life.
3) Lets go for a cliché, but oh so worth being grateful for…Shelter! Oh so thankful for the secure roof over my head.

AAaannnd Day 5!

1) I am grateful that have been successful in most things I have put effort in to achieve, and hope that I will also be in any future endeavours.
2) I am grateful for the crazy, unperfected, mane I have on my head I wouldn’t want it any other way. Hoping I still have as much as possible as I age, this stuff falls out like crazy. Aaarh!
3) I am grateful for Life, and everything worth being grateful for in it (lol not a cop out)

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