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Induction over!

8 Aug

Respite at last! My induction year at work is finally come to an end. I have not been on WordPress for several months now, it got so intense and overwhelming at times it partly made me want to leave the profession. I guess everyone goes through difficult times in their careers, especially at the start when there are high expectations to meet to prove yourself. I’m just hoping that things ease up a little bit, with experience comes better expertise and hopefully things will come more naturally, or at least I’ll learn to deal with the stress and anxiety better.
It really didn’t help with my anxiety, it was at a peak and even on my days off I couldn’t relax, with a constant feeling of pressure in my chest. Although I am a naturally negative and pessimistic person (which I wish I wasn’t) I hate that it is only a year into  a career that I thought would make me happy, but I have now built such negative feelings and associations with it. After all we probably spend just as much time working as we do having free time, if not more. Is it really healthy to feel that way so often? It was stressful. I am well and truly burnt out. Was it worth it? Only time will tell.