Born temptresses

7 Aug

“Girls are never innocent, they are born knowing, alluring seductresses at any age, asking for it, in one way or another.” Poly Toynbee

Click image for article “Misogyny runs so deep in this society, it is even used against abused children”

This article has disgusted me beyond belief, but yet has not brought anything new to light. Controversial enough when adult women are addressed as nothing more than walking talking temptresses, but to blame a damaged little girl. Whether she had approached the man or not, he was a 42 year old grown man that is aware that she is a child, is he not capable of refusing a sexual advance? Does a sexual advance from a 13 year old girl not ring alarm bells in his head that there is some serious psychological damage to this young girl. The fact that men are not insulted by the fact they are considered as uncontrollable animals as a defence is quite despicable. Which I am pretty sure if they were addressed in such a way on a personal level they would most definitely be offended. So why is the blanket statement for men accepted?

Its not anything new that women who use sex to get attention, are often damaged women who seek some form of love and affection. Children are not born with knowledge they learn from their experiences as most of us do, so if a neglected child has experienced her only form of affection and attention through abuse, it is quite inevitable that she would build this link and perhaps use this method to seek love and affection. I think it is absolutely despicable that anyone would use such obvious psychological damage against her, which will most probably affect her psychological health as well as her future relationships as an adult, to get this scumbag off free. Such Ignorance! Do they even realise?

I would like to think that most adult men are not that weak and would not succumb to paedophilic behaviour if a child happened to make advances to them. Maybe just maybe someone out there can give the poor girl a hug and tell her she doesn’t need to do this, that sex is NOT all her worth is.

2 Responses to “Born temptresses”

  1. Food For The Journey August 7, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

    Every time I hear of the mistreatment of another human being, whether a child or an adult, I just thank God that there will be a day when all will be set right and the Judge of all things will have his say and pronounce sentence. If it were not for the blood sacrifice of Christ, I would be standing in judgment for my own sins. Perhaps nothing as heinous as this that you have shared, but…nonetheless, sins that would send me to hell. That is why, even though acts of violence such as this, make me angry to the point that I want to string these men up by their balls and personally cut off their dicks and shove them down their throats, I can wait. God will do it Himself.

    • charliejibbs August 8, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

      Its sad to hear such things, but its worse that its not uncommon. I share your anger, the only thing about waiting for justice in the afterlife is that horrible people are free to harm others in the mean time.

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